The home you long for is within you; working with  a Spiritual Director is where you will find companionship

for the journey.

Spiritual Life Coach Seattle
Meet Misi

When I moved out to the Pacific Northwest over 20 years ago, I fell in love with this area and in many ways it reminded me of my roots in Montana. 


I am currently living in the Seattle area where I received an MA in Transforming Spirituality from Seattle University. I have been leading retreats and small groups for over twenty years and bring that experience into my Spiritual Direction, Life Coaching practice. It is my deepest desire and honor to journey with fellow pilgrims on this road.

Who gets a Spiritual Director?


The person seeking a Spiritual 

Director is intentionally seeking to find deeper meaning in life and to be more mindful of the sacred mystery.


Peace and gentle healing begin when fear and anxiety are set aside and replaced with love and serenity; a Spiritual Director helps you do that. 


Why get a Spiritual Director?

Sessions are currently only available by phone or video chat.