The Legacy Project 

Giving Depth and Meaning to a Shared History

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​Recording your family history is often a historical account of births, marriages, deaths and compiling the movement of past generations. In a Legacy Project, personal stories are shared which give depth and meaning to a shared history. Stories of success and failure. Stories that explain how experiences shaped you and what was learned. In a Legacy Project values, hopes and dreams are captured for future generations.

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Hannah on the Prairie


The Adventure Begins

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There comes a time when you realize the immense impact someone has had on your life. It doesn’t matter the length of time you’ve known them; it doesn’t matter what the age difference is; it doesn’t even matter whether or not you have engaged in lengthy conversation. A person’s life experiences and how they handled it all, speaks volumes to one’s character and strength. My Gramma Hannah was one of those people. After finding pages of stories my Gramma Hannah wrote about her life homesteading on the prairie in Montana, I knew I wanted to compile them in a book along with our memories of her. I believe her stories can be both inspirational and entertaining.

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Creative Journaling with Misi

Cooking on the Prairie


with Gramma Hannah

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I found my Gramma Hannah’s recipes in tattered notebooks which are degrading quickly. I knew I wanted to find a way to preserve them in their original form. In an attempt to preserve the integrity of her recipes, I have chosen to enter them exactly as she wrote them. Things have changed over the last one hundred years and instead of guessing at some of the ingredients or the method used, I leave that up to the creativity and imagination of each determined chef. Scattered throughout this cook book, you will find stories my Gramma Hannah wrote about filling the larder, cooking, or gathering with loved ones around food. She lived a full and challenging life. She wrote about this experience and it was clear that the journey was not an easy one. She shared stories of homesteading with seven children, in a remote area with harsh winters. And of course she shared memories of people gathering around food, canning, butchering, gardening and berry picking.