Creative Journaling

It's an Inward Journey

Keeping a journal doesn't necessarily mean writing about your day - that's more like a diary. Here you will be encouraged to write about

your ideas and feelings, to sketch and doodle, dream about the future or express your reflections about a topic.

Journaling helps us be mindful of our thoughts and intentions. It is where we can think, process, remember and dream. 

Getting Started

  • Decide what to use. A notebook? A journal? Lined? Unlined?

  • Will I want to tear out pages?

  • What size do I want? - Will I be taking it with me?

  • Just one or themed journals? family, book reflections...

  • Will I use pen, pencil, colored pencils?

  • When will I journal? 

Email Misi to schedule a creative journaling session for individuals or groups 

Why keep a Spiritual Journal?

  • for self-discovery

  • as an auto-biography

  • for setting goals

  • as a memorial

  • to practice mindfulness

  • as self-expression

  • for inspiration

  • for discernment

  • as a safety valve for emotions

  • to generate or capture ideas

  • for spiritual growth

  • for healing

  • as an aid to prayer

  • as meditation

  • to process

  • in gratitude

  • to reflect on quotes