Creating Space for Reflection

In reflecting we may be looking at our past, but it's really about our future.

As we set aside another year, let’s take some time to contemplate and reflect on the journey that brings us to this time and place. Then, as we jump into the new year, let’s do so mindfully in every corner of our lives.


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Are you ready to create that space for reflection?


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Photo by Tevin Trinh  


Mindfulness takes place when we are intentionally aware of our feelings, thoughts, our body or our surroundings. It is accepting those things without judgment, it is finding joy and beauty in life. In Mindful Living we take these same concepts to create a healthy and vibrant life in mind, body, and spirit.​


We have the power within us to have a life well lived. As we jump into the new year, let’s do so mindfully in every corner of our lives: physically, emotionally/spiritually, financially, and relationally. When we are mindful in these areas we experience peace, we handle stressful situations with grace and we find joy and beauty in each day.



Reflection helps us grieve. Whether grief is the result of a lost relationship, death of a pet or loved one, loss of a job or a dream unrealized, reflection gives us sacred space with our thoughts and emotions and brings us to a place where we can live side by side with our loss.

Reflection helps us learn. It may be more comfortable to breeze by those pesky mistakes and just forget they ever happened. But when we consider our mistakes, we can see where we need to make improvements and adjustments, which helps to avoid making the same mistake in the future.


Reflection helps us grow. We learn about ourselves as we see the full picture of our experiences. We see who we are in relation to others and we may wonder at our response to different situations. We grow spiritually and emotionally.


Reflection helps us deal with life. Where life can be overwhelming, reflection helps us manage things and can put things into perspective. It has a calming effect. Where life can get us down, reflecting on our blessings will remind us of the goodness and joy in our lives.


Reflection gives us ideas. I believe all ideas come from reflection. One idea leads to another and we can see possibilities blossom right before us. In addition, we can sort out the unhealthy ideas from the ones that bring us (and others) life.


Reflection makes us better family, friends, and neighbors. As we ponder relationships, we are more likely to work at making them better. We may also start to recognize how we are impacted by others and how our words and actions impact the people around us.


Reflection inspires us.  Each time we think back on something we did right, we get to celebrate and are reminded of what we do well; we gain confidence and are inspired to do more. Without reflection, it’s too easy to forget these things.