Family Faith Formation: Together we will be intentional about setting up a plan for Faith Formation in your home.


Discernment & Transitions: Are you in transition? Are you trying to decide what to do next? Through a series of exercises and sharing, you will feel more confident about which path to take.


Grief Work: Grieving is a physical, emotional and spiritual necessity. Yet, how we grieve is as individual as we are. Here you will find a safe, caring place to work through grief.


Book Study: If you want to read with deeper meaning this is for you! Together we will choose a book that encourages reflection and thoughtful discussion. Is there a book you've been wanting to read and share with someone? If not, I have several books to choose from..


Mentoring for Faith Formation Professionals & Spiritual Directors: Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for awhile, we are always learning and growing. A mentor will listen, give feedback, hold you accountable and support your next steps encouraging you to think through issues and approaches.  

Your wedding ceremony is a celebration of your loving relationship and commitment to each other. I have been planning events for over 20 years and love the intimate nature of planning and facilitating weddings. Working together, we will create a ceremony which will reflect who you are individually and who you are as a couple. It is a little like having a ceremony planner in addition to your wedding planner. My fee is based on what you desire: pre-marital coaching, co-planning the ceremony, leading rehearsal, facilitating the ceremony, the paperwork and of course travel/location considerations. Contact Misi if you are interested in meeting to see if we are a good fit.