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A Call to Social Justice

The call to Social Justice is not new. God called Moses to go to Pharaoh and speak on the behalf of the Israelites. (Exodus 3:10)  We will explore this calling, the relationship between beauty and justice and 15 ways we can respond. Each person is different and each person responds differently.

Legacy Writing

Legacy writing can be a historical account of your life, making a record of births, marriages and deaths and compiling the movement of past generations. But there is much more beyond the detailed statistics. There are the personal stories that give depth and meaning to a shared history. Our time together will be a time to share your progress, your stories, and to be inspired and encouraged as you continue your legacy project.

Mind, Body, & Soul

Are you so engrossed in your day to day life that you often feel stressed and disconnected? Mind, body, soul is a holistic approach to becoming your best self. It's like a three-legged stool, doing just one or two of these leaves us unbalanced.  Together we'll explore the following areas: social, emotional, intellectual, vocational, financial, physical and spiritual.  

Living A Centered Life

We live in a world of permanent white water and it seems that the only time we slow down is when we get sick or injured. We hear a lot of talk about trying to create a balanced life. However, trying to balance life is exhausting; we try to stay in control and life never works that way. By striving for a centered life, we find steady ground to handle the chaos around us.

Sabbath Rest

Sabbath Rest is the freedom to embrace and enjoy all of creation. Drinking in deeply, all that gives you life. Learn about different ways to practice Sabbath and pick up what seems to resonate with you. Create some practices that are intentionally structured to bring Sabbath rest into the daily rhythm of your life.

Faith Formation at Home

Research shows that children learn best through their everyday experiences with the people they love and trust. Home is where interactions serve as modeling behaviors and where space is created for meaningful conversations. The same is true for Faith Formation, but most parents/guardians are not always sure how to do that. Together we will look at resources that can help you be intentional about setting up a plan for Faith Formation in your home.

Aging Gracefully

Together we will explore the nuances around our spirituality, growing older, and eldering. We can’t control everything that happens as we grow older, but we have choices about what that experience will be like for our soul. We can move beyond the old models of what it means to grow older and be inspired by each new possibility.

Practicing Gratitude

Studies are showing that practicing gratitude has real health benefits by reducing stress and improving your psychological and overall well-being. Our daily lives are filled with stories and images that challenge a grateful attitude. This workshop will be a powerful reminder that there is always something (many somethings) to be thankful for no matter what is happening in your life. Take some time to bask in what is good.

Letting Go Rituals

The ritual for letting go is important, it draws a line between our past, who we are now, and who we are to become. Dwelling on the past prevents us from fully participating in the present and often keeps us from envisioning a different future. Not everyone is ready for marking their transition with a ritual, but this workshop will give you the tools you need for whenever you are ready.

Spiritual Practices

Not only are spiritual practices centering, they also give us space to explore who we are and who we are called to be in the world. ​Almost anything may be considered  a spiritual practice when done with a foundation of intention, awareness and growth.  Together we will explore different ways to bring spiritual practices into your daily life.

Loss, Change & Growth

Grieving is a physical, emotional and spiritual necessity. Yet, how we grieve is as individual as we are.  It is never as simple as going through the prescribed stages of grief. During our time together, we will discuss and share in terms of three movements: Loss, Change & Growth. This process is helpful no matter what the loss was or when the loss occurred. 

Caring for Creation

Genesis 2:15 tells us it is our responsibility to care for the earth. We’ll will look at resources and educational materials that nurture our spiritual journey as we look at environmental challenges and identify practical steps we can take at home and in our communities. Join the conversation, be inspired and encouraged in this important work. 

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